piątek, 1 października 2010

Tongue piercing

Hi guys! how are You doing? I have some free time. Still sick but I`m feeling much better, I`m going out haha! :3 I hate staying at home, its the worst thing ever :/ I love parties with my friends and every minute with them is really special in my life <3 thanks that You`re always with me! Today I want to show You my pierced tongue. Haha, You can't see it well. My friend thought its lip piercing when she saw this little pic. noo, its my tongue. (^3^) I`m soo~ happy I did it! (well, it was few months ago but I haven't written about it here yet). I also want to pierce my lip in future and belly button :) it looks so sexy!! how about You? do You have any piercing? (I also have 6 ear piercings). share it with me :-) oh, or maybe - do You have plans to pierce something in Your body? here is pic, sorry for my stupid face. Oh I don't like my new hair color!! T^T
If You want to ask me something about tongue piercing, You can do it in comments. I have to tell You it doesn't hurt!! no pain. The worst thing is whats happening after piercing that. You can't eat everything or You feel little pain (or big, it depends on person) with me it was ok. I didn't feel pain (just sometimes) and I could eat almost all things I wanted. hehe, but first days are the worst. Its weird feeling when You feel something cold in Your mouth haha. If I could decide again - pierce it or no, I would pierce it of course haha! ;)

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  1. I have 2 piercings in each lower ear and one in my upper left ear, aaaand a ring in my right lower lip ;).
    I don't plan on getting any more piercings because I want to keep it balanced >w<. The only piercing I would want would be another one in the lip, right next to the one I already have there. But my skin is too sensitive for that I guess xD. The lip piercing gets infected every once in a while without reason, so... yeah xD.

    But I want a tatoo - a bunny on my neck :).

  2. I have 2 hours before my work at the school so I'm taking time here before I eat and put on make up and do my hair.
    My lip rings are gone.. I hadn't the money to buy a shorter bar for my middle ring and in my sleep I bit it and broke the backside so that it wouldn't go tighter and it was always falling out. One night, at my aunts, it fell out and we were busy working so I put it in a baggy and saved it. 15 minutes later, I tried to put it back in but there was a bubble building up in it.. my biting it (I have an overbite, I couldn't help biting it in my sleep because my teeth always touched it when I just closed my mouth) had irritated it. I couldn't put the ring back in far so I tried to take it out of the part I got in and a long bloody string came with it and the bubble went down a bit but not all the way o.o They said it wasn't infected just because of my over bite not healing properly cause of my biting and forcing the hole to widen and hurt @___@
    I took my other ring out for work interview (here they ask you for a clean face) and my lip ring didn't want to go in after o.O It wasn't pierced badly, no infections, but my lip healed to fast and I was a wimp to just push it through. Since I want work here, and retainers show up to much, I think piercing just isn't a good idea for me if it heals so fast >.< so even though I got a free re-pierce card, I don't think I'll do it right away..
    but your tongue piercing is perfect!!