sobota, 23 października 2010

something delicious + outfit

I think every girl loves lipglosses and such :) My friend gave me new avon catalog to check some things and I like some lip care products, I took photos to show You. What do You think? I always say I`m not too much into avon but I can't resist to buy something when I see cute packaging! and I can't say ``no`` to my friend :)
now some random pics, enjoy!
piece of my room hehe
outfit to school, very very simple.
Sorry for dirty mirror!! -,-
leggins - bershka, shirt - new yorker, dark green blouse - kappAhl
At school I`m usually wearing navy blue converse. I should make some photos of my shoes as well :)
see You!!!

3 komentarze:

  1. I order two Avon lipglosses too!
    With chocolate and cookies! XD
    All girls love cute packages and flavours ^^

  2. I used to not be able to stand things on my lips like lipstick because it would feel so dry and hard on my lips but I realized moisturizing them first was a good way to settle that but I still didn't really feel comfortable until the kissme chapsticks that felt so soft and moisturized, they're perfect for me! I got one for you, too XD but now I have got used to others, too x3 the strawberry one seems especially nice!

  3. OH, p.s - you've made me love newyorker XD