poniedziałek, 18 października 2010

Which shoes are better?

Hi, I need Your help :) I`m going to order new shoes and I don't know which one pair is prettier, so give me Your advice, haha :). its soo~ difficult to chose >.< cause I like both pairs and colors. First pair looks really nice, perfect for autumn, I like black, it matchs everything! what do You think about it?? I think its more comfortable than the other pairs I`m going to show You.
These are nice too, but I think first pair is prettier... maybe... what`s Your opinion? I`m curious! :D and which color is better?? I don't know why but I think these look a little bit tawdry haha but even though they look like this, I like them xP lol. I don't like bottom of these shoes, I mean that ``lock`` (?) I don't know correct word for this, in english. :). it looks bad :/
I`m waiting for Your help :) bye bye!

5 komentarzy:

  1. I actually like the lower ones more, especially the first with the lighter color ^^.

  2. I like the first pair better.. XP
    The bottom ones lock is a zipper O:
    I wrote you message on pupe, idk if you ever saw it but I'd assume you have.
    Sorry I haven't had time to write here or even my own blog because I've been so busy and I was gone all weekend but yeah.

  3. Thanks for Your advice :) I think first pair is prettier too xP
    I saw it, but couldn't reply. I will reply today. Sorry.
    Yes, I understand it, now I know You're very busy :)

  4. aww i like the first pair ^^
    i think its cute :P and honestly i like black haha
    well i just like the first pair xD