niedziela, 17 października 2010

Weekend was fine!

Hi guys! as I said I`m writing second entry :) about weekend. So weekend was fine! The weather was pretty good, but evenings are so cold! :P it sucks. I met my friends, went to the city to meet with some good people and M came as well >_<' omg. but I`m forgetting about him, its really fine now! hehe I don't worry as I used to worry before! hope I can forget about him for good.
Haha, today at night I got call. From my friends. They asked me if  wanna go somewhere with them, so I said sure :) now I am soo~ sleepy. I will meet my friend Justyna in hour :). so this entry is going to be short. Now some pictures!
These photos are made at school :) it was boring lesson. Our school isn't too pretty, sorry xP. You can see one girl next to me, and on the second one there's me and my friend Karolina <3 sorry for my silly face.
Haha, I was so tired while making this photo, I look bad, I know ^^ Lee ---> Karolina ---> Me.
I hate my hair >_<' I hope You enjoyed this entry!!
How about Your weekend? how it was? share it with me!
and current music for today is Rihanna - Only Girl! I love this song a lot! :) RiRi's hot!

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  1. You are the cutest, dear x3 When this song came on, Kevin started singing it and he shouts YES I LOVE LADY GAGA! Haha, clueless XD