czwartek, 14 października 2010

Time to forget! and random pics :)

Now I know what I have to do! and its... to forget! Its getting better, I`m trying to not think about him. Today I even saw him! when my friend told me his there I was crying! but then I said ``stop!! go there and show him You don't care``. and I did it! now I`m even not sad! now I`m proud of myself! I have school, I have friends and these things are most important to me now! no him in my life anymore! </3 yes! I`m happy! ok, something is getting better, but the other one thing is getting worse :( but its too serious to write it here! nevermind!
I want to share something with You! - yesterday, when I felt little bit depressed I decided to do something weird and crazy. So I pierced my ears by myself. I did 11 piercings on my ears! and it looks really weird but I like it. :-) I felt much better after doing that! hehe~ :)
now some random photos, hmm... enjoy!!
this is in my brother`s room, he likes such things a lot^^ and figures like this.
on few photos You can see me, I got up in the morning and made some pics before school, I`m sorry for terrible look on them and my hairstyle was one big mess! xD and the room is messy as well, so sorry. and excuse me my closed eyes! haha ;)
delicious ice-creams I ate from ``Consonni``. I love their cakes and ice-creams :) soo~ delicious, believe me! (^3^)/
Well guys!! tommorow's weekend! wow, soo~ fast! (o,o) I`m excited! any plans? I`m going to meet my best friends! hehe. and have fun! take care! good night Zzz

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