poniedziałek, 25 października 2010

Just feelings, to M

Now I am just sure its the end of us :) forever. maybe not. But I`m tired of crying so no more tears anymore :) Thanks for being with me that day, thanks for good time I spent with You. I`m even thankful for bad memories. It's nonsense, I know, but I`m thankful! it was spent with You and that's most important. In the bottom of my heart I still love You. I`m just trying to hide what I feel. Well... do what You have to do, I wish You luck my M. It's Your life and I`m leaving You alone, but remember I`m always for You... but oneday it`ll be too late. Goodbye, get out of my mind! :)
sorry guys!! its the end of something in my life, so I had to write what I feel here :) good night, I`m going to go sleep now! enjoy the song :c

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  1. I'm sorry for these feelings, dear. It's good you can be so adult and still love but let go at the same time. You deserve the best treatment.
    Also, I am impressed by this song for Nelly! When I think about Nelly I think "it's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes" XD So it's nice to see something like this O: