niedziela, 10 października 2010

Great weekend; autumn came and meeting friends

I love drinking "Tymbark". Bottle caps always say something interesting :) Yesterday me and my friends went for a walk and in one shop we bought something to drink. My caps are - "Jesteście sobie przeznaczeni" what means (You're meant for each other) and "Wyrwałeś mnie" its also from my drink, it means - You picked up me. Omg, it was such a suprise! they always say TRUE so I often drink Tymbark :3 the other two ones belong to my friend and hers are true too. ^^ Caps know best! ;)
This weekend was pretty fine, except one thing >_< it was fine until something has happened :( but I don't want to write about it here, it hurts as hell! I just wish to repeat this moment and change it a little bit. :/ I always do something wrong!! anyway Friday party was funny, hahaha but it wasn't normal at all :O ok, nevermind. Yesterday I made some pics during walk with girls <3. I want to show You them here.
 Here is my friend, haha I was trying to take photo of her ^^
In the evening I went to the city to meet with my friends :3 It was crazy day, but with my friends I could forget about all the problems I had :(. yes! just for a moment but better this than nothing. Woaaah, at night it was cold. xP later we went to my friend's house haha and we were taking `sweet photos`. ahahah :D
hahahaha, stupid! :D
 Can't wait for next weekend :) but this week will be full of things to learn -.- oh but I`ll do my best to get good marks, so wish me lots of luck! What do You want me to write about next time? :-) Something of my life, new items, or what? cause I have no ideas. I`m hungry, I`m going to order pizza. bye bye ^^v

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  1. I like this picture in the tub a lot XP You look so tiny and cute! Almost like you're in a sink, actually XD I wish I could take pictures again, stupid camera and me... How was it not normal? XD The party thingy I mean~

  2. Oh, really? haha thanks but to be honest in real I feel so big and ugly! xD
    oh... i can tell You but not here! me and my friends always do stupid things haha :D