poniedziałek, 11 października 2010


Why I love You when You don't want me? Why I love You when You don't even think of me? Why I love You when You don't even like me? Why I love You? Why? I have many people around who want to give me luck, but why I want You to do it, when You don't want? why I let You to stay in my heart? I`m so stupid! and I hurt people who really want me to be lucky. :( I`m lost, what should I do?
``We have to stop, because I`m tired of it. I`m feeling bad! You won't even understand how important You are to me. that`s nonsens`` true.
STOP! I need to do something with myself! with my feelings! it can't stay like this anymore :/ I don't want to cry! :c but how?
``You can meet people better than me, funnier, prettier than me. but there's one thing I want to tell You. I`ll be always for You when they will leave You, remember.``
 ``Did You ever felt like this? Were You coming back to places connected with him? were You reading old text messages from him? were you looking everywhere for his smell, his eyes, his voice, were you dying from pain with every coming back memories? were you lying whole world and saying how You don't care? were You living with awareness that it was the best thing that could ever happen to You and You made it finish? no! so don't say You understand.``
Maybe its not Your fault, maybe its mine... who knows.
I`m just waiting for Your one text message! for Your one call! maybe its nothing for You... but to me... it means everything! but don't do it, You will just give me hope. Hope which will kill me inside. </3 You did it once, so don't do it anymore.
Destroyed bottle. I had to do something to feel better! I had to destroy it. and now I`m going to shop for another one. Bye!

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  1. Dear, he's really killing you inside isn't he ): You don't deserve this and I don't think it's your fault. You seem so dedicated and loyal to him and he seems to not give the same respect. You do deserve to get out of the depression but you're so deep into this love >.< I hope you can find something to make you happy.. I love you and I know it's not enough, none of our love or luck is enough when it comes to love sometimes it just can't be soothed by that.. but I'll be there for you like I'm sure they will, that helps a little I hope >.<

  2. yes, he's fucking killing me :( but I`m ok! its getting better with every new day~ I`m going to forget!! yes! I`m strong :) I`ll do my best to forget! and I have friends who support me like You and I know I can be happy again <3