wtorek, 31 sierpnia 2010

Miss You more with every second :(

I wish to repeat yesterday so much! and I wish to feel Your lips on my neck again, and to feel Your breath on my chest, to feel Your touch. I wish  this moment never finished. I want to have You here forever. I know I make lots of mistakes, but I want to fix them. Let me be yours forever, please. That's all what I am asking for. I love You my Dear M. :'(
Sorry guys for that, I just had to write it, I am so sad today! Tommorow school starts, it even started to make me happier. I met my friends yesterday and I understood how much I need some of them. But someone makes me so depressed. I don't want to lose person I really like. It's so complicated. I wish You nice day! See You and I need to say something - now I won't come here often. If I lose my days on pupe - sorry, but its because of school, so I am alive but busy hehe :)

niedziela, 29 sierpnia 2010

School stars soon :-(

That's something I have to post before I go to bed! It's second entry today, hmm. :3 I just wanna show You one picture with my best friend Patrycja, she's such an awesome girl, the hottest friend and there are rumors we both are lesbians hahahah, so funny ;3 she's really like a sister to me, we always have a lot of things to talk about, we travel together and do many things together! I am glad I know her since I was born! :O We made this photo in our room on the ship, it was fabulous day I wish to repeat! Good night guys, if You don't know how I look like here's pic, I am on the left... and then on the right haha, girl with bangs. Have a sweet dreams, I am so tired now. Zzz oh and as the title says, my school starts soon, I will have to learn a lot so I am kinda stressed! Thinking of school is killin' me! :-( I need to stop, I have to use my last days of vacation as much as its possible! lol

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Good evening, ah I love to write here :3 It's my first blog which I really care about lol. But that's true, usually I forget about my blogs, as I said some time ago, remember? It was quite boring day... and I am still mad at some people who are talking about me behind my back T^T Today I was cleaning my house all the time, haha I am very lazy and it took me whole day :< usually it takes less than this but ok ;3 tonight I`m going for two parties, yay! I just can't wait so much. Hope I will spend good time there. I had little problem, because I got two invitations and didn't know where should I go, but I thought I can go for both, haha, it must work! :3 Today I want to show You part of my room, it will be picture of Marilyn Monroe (she was so perfect!) I just love her! That`s why I decided to buy picture of her. It's really huge (on photo it doesn't look big, but believe me it is!) Her lips are shining on it x3 and I love all details. I like looking at her, she's hot! and here You can see how the picture looks like, I am happy I bought it, I wish to have more things with her haha. I will give You link to the picture. Just click on text.
And now just random pics of my room and pic again x3 Enjoy please, leave a comment if You would like too! ah on the first pic there's shelf over my desk :3 There are just few things on it, haha. My room is boring >__< so another time I will show You more photos of it! Good night!

czwartek, 26 sierpnia 2010

Good night zzz

Fast entry before I go sleep :-) Few hours ago I came back from little walk with friends, we had nice meeting :) But I am quite angry, because of some people I don't like. Good to know who's talking about me behind my back, just awesome! But I am not going to care anymore, hehe. Just wanna show You two pics I've made while I was visiting my cousin some time ago. I love cats so much, they're cute! :3 my dog enjoyed playing with him haha. Have a sweet dreams!

Best cruise ever!

Today I am going to tell You about my memories and my cruise I've been to this summer vacation :) It was really amazing, I didn't even plan to go anywhere (oh, I was planning to visit Japan but it didn't work out, maybe another time >_<) and suddenly my best friend told me about the cruise and my mother liked this idea a lot, so we decided to go as well! It was very fast decision haha, my mom decided in 5 minutes. The ship was amazing and all the places and people were fabulous! We have seen for example lots of places in Italy, Spain, Majorca, Tunisia, Malta and so on. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I wish to go for such cruise again and for sure I will haha, because everyone loved that! me and group of my friends had rooms together. The ship has lots of floors and interesting things inside. The first picture I am going to show You is photo of the ship coming to the port, yay! exciting moment :-)
And finally I could see my room! haha, it was pretty nice :3 I didn't spend many time there, I was only sleeping there, because the ship was full of interesting things so I couldn't waste my time. Ahaha, You can see few suitcases. Some of them are mine, the other one belongs to my friend.
Another photo shows beautiful view from the window. With every new day I could see much better things, like islands, new ports and such :3 I just loved getting up from bed on the ship and eating dinner and looking at the sea. It was something really beautiful that I want to repeat! *q*
I also liked visiting new countries, places and cafes! and beaches. The one on Majorca was very nice, I loved that! I spent great time there and met nice people hehe. They were friendly and we had fun! I didn't spend many time there but it was one of the best days of my life, yay! There are two photos here, on the second one there are my legs haha and nike shoes which I bought in Barcelona some days before visiting Majorca. I like these bright colors a lot, aww! sun sun, lots of sun! need it again. :3
Some random pics I made on the ship, I hope You will like them. The ship was really beautiful and unique in my opinion, as I said before. I was enjoying my vacation there! (mostly because of cool people I met, I love You guys so much!) May I go there again haha? I want to go to Italy so much next year aww! :3
Ah, I should stop right now x3 I`m being boring haha. But ok, just some more photos and I am finishing this entry. Hope You enjoyed reading and watching. Now, random pic of hotel in Barcelona. I stayed there two nights! and on the ship we spent 7 nights (best nights of my life, aaaaaaaaaaa!)
I have seen Camp Nou as well, it was great! I wanna go there again in the future and I will, I swear haha :-) my brother is such a big fan of football and he's playing football! he will want to go there for sure, too again! he was very excited about Camp Nou haha, oh.
Ahahaha I forgot about most important thing! On the ship me and Patrycja (my friend who had room with me) had very weird cleaner, he was acting like he really liked us! x3 maybe he did, who knows haha, he was writing love letters to us, giving presents to me and her and making weird things like hearts, once he made elephant by using towels and when we came back to room we saw funny elephant on bed wearing my glasess haha, his gifts were funny though :3 He was asian man and he was really really friendly hehe :) gosh, even workers there were amazing ahaha. That's heart he was making for us EVERYDAY! So cute, but the bunny is weird a little bit and it has one ear hahahaha, I was laughing so hard!
That's all for today, I hope You enjoyed reading my today's entry :-) Tommorow I will write new one! Leave a comment please and have a good time! I need to prepare something to eat, I am dying (soo~ hungry T^T) I have to go to the market, I want sweets so bad! bye bye

wtorek, 24 sierpnia 2010

Only outfit

Gosh, it was such a hot day and now it's raining as hell! it sucks -.- I hate when the weather changes suddenly so bad. I did lots of interesting things today, I met many friends and so on! and of course I went for a walk with my friend in the evening. It was nice, now I know lots of interesting things ;) nevermind, but its nice news for me. I need shopping tour! Today me and my mom ordered little present for my brother in the internet, hope he will like it, its from USA. I can tell You these are two pair of orginal shoes haha, when they come I`ll post them here. I don't know what to write, I just came to post few pics, next entry will be about my vacation and the ship I've been to! so wait awhile. I really want to share some memories with You guys! ok, now pics of me and my last outfit. I look so big on them, sorry for being monster >__< I look funny anyway! I don't like to show my face very often haha so no face!
T-shirt: stradivarius, trousers: zara, shoes: random

niedziela, 22 sierpnia 2010

Let me eat some cupcakes

Good afternoon. Yesterday I wrote that I've been to a party at lake and yeah! It was pretty nice. I received a lot of invitations for a different parties but I chosed that one haha, cause it was the closest to me, the other ones were faraway and I didn't want to go there last night 'cause I was so tired! -.- I have to tell You, I`m really excited, tommorow I`m going for shopping (must buy lots of stuff! *q*) and today there's another party, my lovely dog is going with me haha. This day is sunny, I`m sure it will be perfect! (weather is awesome) How about Your plans hmm?
Did I tell You I already bought some stuff to school? Like pens, notebooks, books and such? I like buying this kind of things, but thinking of school makes me sick T^T I really don't want to go there yet. I wish vacation was longer (10 months of vacation and 2 months of school hahaha, love this idea!) but unfortunately it is impossible :'( I miss some of my classmates so it won't be bad, I`m meeting most of them everyday! Do You like Your school? I want to post few random pics, they are cute; probably You saw this stuff already in my poupee closet, but nevermind! In the first one You can see Marilyn Monroe in the background, it's my new notebook and I adore it a lot, Marilyn is wonderful, isn't she? I wish she was alive :( There's also one more picture, You can see some of my notebookes with her :3

sobota, 21 sierpnia 2010

Pink&dark blue - why not?

Hello! Just a quick post, soon I am going for a party. I haven't written here anything for really long time, I've been quite busy, sorry guys. Anyway, how are You? Everything ok? I had nice shopping some time ago with my best friend. I bought lots of clothes and pair of new shoes. Now I am not going to buy many sweet stuff from Hello Kitty and so on anymore 'cause my taste has changed a little bit and some things are too childish for me >_< what a pity! hehe, now all of You (even those who don't have blogspot) can comment my blog! so, leave a comment please, I`ll be excited for sure :) I just want to show You what I wear right now. I like this color combination a lot! Hope You like it too. Sorry that this entry is very short, but I really gotta go! Take care and I wish You night full of sweet dreams, oh.
Brands: orsay, stradivarius

niedziela, 15 sierpnia 2010

Just straps

Hello guys! I don't have any new photos, sorry! Probably You already have seen this photo on my previous blog, Livejournal. These are just my straps, I love them so much, of course these aren't all that I have. I think this photo looks cute, so I decided to post it again. I also want to mention that I added flag counter to my blogspot today! Hope it will work well. :-) I feel terrible today, it's night and I am ill a little bit >__< I feel like this, grr! Soon school starts, it quite pisses me off! Because of that I won't be able to write here a lot and of course I`m going to take a break from pupe (again! T^T) I want christmas! Can't wait for that! I am going to do lots of things. Hope my plans will work! Good night, I am so tired!
Ah, before I go I want to put video here. I just love Rihanna and Eminem! and whole song and video :) It's nice. I need it on my blog! :D Rihanna is soo~ sexy, isn't she? and Megan Fox? She's hot as well ;) Enjoy!

piątek, 13 sierpnia 2010

New blog and first entry

Hi, this is my new blog. I decided to leave livejournal and move to blogspot, because now most of my friends have blogs here :) Livejournal bores me a little bit and blogspot seems to be more interesting. Oh, I should tell You I am very bad and lazy blogger and I often forget about my blogs haha, so sorry. But I will do my best! That's all for today, I will write something more tommorow. This is just welcome entry :) Before I say bye, I am going to show You some delicious photos that I took. Enjoy please and bye bye :) Who doesn't love chocolate? Especially strawberry chocolate! *q*