niedziela, 15 sierpnia 2010

Just straps

Hello guys! I don't have any new photos, sorry! Probably You already have seen this photo on my previous blog, Livejournal. These are just my straps, I love them so much, of course these aren't all that I have. I think this photo looks cute, so I decided to post it again. I also want to mention that I added flag counter to my blogspot today! Hope it will work well. :-) I feel terrible today, it's night and I am ill a little bit >__< I feel like this, grr! Soon school starts, it quite pisses me off! Because of that I won't be able to write here a lot and of course I`m going to take a break from pupe (again! T^T) I want christmas! Can't wait for that! I am going to do lots of things. Hope my plans will work! Good night, I am so tired!
Ah, before I go I want to put video here. I just love Rihanna and Eminem! and whole song and video :) It's nice. I need it on my blog! :D Rihanna is soo~ sexy, isn't she? and Megan Fox? She's hot as well ;) Enjoy!

2 komentarze:

  1. I love this picture anyway so its nice to see it posted here x3 Aw I'll miss you during that break ): I hope school won't be terrible Dx
    I don't like Megan Fox so much, though DX but the song isn't bad~ Rihanna has a nice voice (:

  2. A teraz sikam w majtki - z podniecenia oczywiście *.* W życiu nie słyszałam lepszej piosenki oraz lepiej nagranego teledysku jak do LTWYL. Megan wygląda w nim prześlicznie, ale ten koleś z władcy pierścieni, WTF?! O.O