sobota, 21 sierpnia 2010

Pink&dark blue - why not?

Hello! Just a quick post, soon I am going for a party. I haven't written here anything for really long time, I've been quite busy, sorry guys. Anyway, how are You? Everything ok? I had nice shopping some time ago with my best friend. I bought lots of clothes and pair of new shoes. Now I am not going to buy many sweet stuff from Hello Kitty and so on anymore 'cause my taste has changed a little bit and some things are too childish for me >_< what a pity! hehe, now all of You (even those who don't have blogspot) can comment my blog! so, leave a comment please, I`ll be excited for sure :) I just want to show You what I wear right now. I like this color combination a lot! Hope You like it too. Sorry that this entry is very short, but I really gotta go! Take care and I wish You night full of sweet dreams, oh.
Brands: orsay, stradivarius

2 komentarze:

  1. Oh thats to bad. Well your new stuffs cute. Its pretty.

  2. Mrrrrrh, znowu moje najcudowniejsze nóżki, które kocham! :-D Mi też się to podoba. I Chociaż nie widzę Cię całej, to i tak prezentujesz się konkretnie. <3