sobota, 1 stycznia 2011


Some time ago I had little photosession :) I want to post here few of the photos. I hope You like them.. honestly, I look so weird on them, but I like the first one so much!! have a nice day!!

Happy new year/outfit

Hello! It's just a short entry, I just want to show I remember about my blogspot. Well, I want to wish everyone Happy New Year! I hope it`ll be better than previous one! I started that year with a kiss, haha! how about You? I want to become better person, I want to treat everything more seriously and start to do things I should long time ago! I want to be single! and I don't want any love :) If I ever hurt someone in previous year - I`m sorry! This year I`m going to be more nice and I`ll try not to hurt people I love and care about!!
Now outfit, I had little photosession. I don't remember name of all shops, I`ll check it later and tell You. The jacket is h&m for sure.

niedziela, 26 grudnia 2010

merry christmas!!

hi! I`m still not coming back but I just want to post song I`m listening to all the time! haha, I love many kind of music, and I listen to Metallica as well! I love it, enjoy! btw Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope You spent it well with family and friends! and happy new year, its coming soon! (2011) :)

wtorek, 14 grudnia 2010

I need break

yes. I need break from this blog :) I will come back to You soon with new desing and entries! sorry :( I`m too busy now. I have lots of things to do at school. I need to be better!! today my mom went to school and its not good ;) hmm, now I`m going to drink something cold :) bye!!

środa, 1 grudnia 2010

Some sets

Today I`m going to watch final of polish ``Top Model`` Can't wait! We`ll see who's going to win ;) Now enjoy some sets I've prepared for You. I`m so booooooored! -.-
1. I like it, its weird but in my style :)
2. This one is good to school, I like cap and the shoes :) You can see few AVON cosmetics as well. Oh and bag is ok too. :-)
3. Shoes are amazing, I just love color :) purple is one of my fav colors ever!! this shade is *_* hmm, nothing more to say. Oh and I have this NIKE bag, You can see it in previous entries or in my poupee closet, I have post it already.
4. I just love that bracelet! and colorful t-shirt :)
5. Definitaly my fav one!! even though it doesn't look perfect I love it, and the color of shoes stole my heart!! I want them! :3
6. Nothing to say. I am in love with this kind of shoes :)

That's all :) now I gotta go, so bye!

wtorek, 30 listopada 2010

Feel the music!

I'm in love with this! :3 Feel free to listen if You want :) its in polish btw! oh and how are You? I just came back from very very cold city... uff! I've been there to do little shopping. I went there with my mom and my dog, because we also visited dog salon to change her hairstyle haha :) she looks so cute now, I will upload photo later! today I didn't go to school, I was too lazy! have a nice day! :)

poniedziałek, 29 listopada 2010


Hi! It's been such a long time I wrote last time. Sorry! was too busy. Lots of work at school and at weekends I`m having parties, meetings etc. This weekend I had amazing party whole night!! wanna repeat, it was crazy! I did so many stupid and crazy things haha :) and I had house for myself for TWO DAYS cause my parents were away. But I've been to party at my friend's house. :) I can't wait for New Year!! its going to be amazing party as well.
Eh, the only one thing that makes me depressed is the weather!!! its so cold, it is snowing all the time! I just hate it :/ when I was younger I used to love winter, but right now I`m not into such weather, I just see problems, not fun :/ I can't travel everywhere, its dangerous and too cold!! I miss summer, I`m just thinking of all those awesome things that has happened during my vacation and I`m like ``can I repeat it??`` *_* yes!
How about Your plans? for santa day? its coming!! I like it a lot! The only one thing I like about winter is Santa Claus day cause its fun at school and Christmas! :) these two things make me happier!! My school class and I are going to the cinema soon! I`m looking forward to it!
ok, last entry I promised to show You some clothes. I`ll do it now. But I am sorry the photos are terrible. >_< and small. Next time I`ll make normal photos. forgive me!
 sorry for stupid face.
T-shirt: ZARA
Earmuffs: New yorker (You can see better photo in previous entry)
No make-up! haha
jacket - orsay
scarf - random (it was bought in my friend's shop)
and the tshirt zara, i wrote it before.
Excuse me mess and my dog in the background.
Jacket - H&M
Shirt - Bershka
Leggings - ZARA
Here You can see it quite better, but not very well. I am so sorry, I did these photos in the evening, it sucks mostly because of it >_<
thanks for reading
xoxo take care guys!!