wtorek, 30 listopada 2010

Feel the music!

I'm in love with this! :3 Feel free to listen if You want :) its in polish btw! oh and how are You? I just came back from very very cold city... uff! I've been there to do little shopping. I went there with my mom and my dog, because we also visited dog salon to change her hairstyle haha :) she looks so cute now, I will upload photo later! today I didn't go to school, I was too lazy! have a nice day! :)

4 komentarze:

  1. ``Kiedy słyszę ten bit czuję się idealnie,
    wyrafinowana bania trwa.
    W zasięgu ręki dźwięki te niepowtarzalne,
    "żyj chwilą" nabiera znaczenia man.``

  2. I liked hearing this song in our message! (: I'll tell you more of my words there later <3 I'm just getting ready for work now and wanted to stop by and comment the rest of your posts XD