niedziela, 14 listopada 2010


me&Karolina (she is my friend) I`m on the right. she`d kill me if she knows :P I look like child, hahaha :D That's for now. I gotta go and learn uh :/ see u soon! tommorow school, oh no! -.-'
 ``if you ever loved somebody put your hands up!``
 sets I've prepared for 2day :) the first one.
the second one, I like it a lot!! shoes are perfect! and the blouse, I just wish to have it soo~ much!! :D skulls are cool! bye bye!

4 komentarze:

  1. Wow! I love second outfit very-very much!
    Looks soo~ stylish!

  2. Cute photo dear! You're always so pretty (: For the sets, Idk what that leopard print thing is but it's cute! The second set I love! The shoes are something like I've never seen before and I love the ring <3

  3. koto - these are earmuffs :D