piątek, 12 listopada 2010

Delicious chocolates and random photos

It's so late! very very late and I should sleep but I can't and I have no idea why! I`m not sleepy today. Soon I`m going for a party with the best people ever, I just can't wait. Today I want to show You some pictures. Oh today I ate very delicious chocolates. My grandma gave me them!! so yummy!
oh when I was bored I also made photo of me. here is it!! its just outfit. sorry for messy room behind me >.<' I didn't clean before making photo, ops!
I also prepared some fashion sets for today, enjoy!! I hope You`ll like them :)
The first one is my favourite one and I wish to have everything what You can see on the photo! ( *o*)/ especially jacket! fabulous!!
The second one is pretty simple, but I like it :)
Bye!! I wish You nice day :)!

6 komentarzy:

  1. I've never been a huge chocolate fan but I'm a huge Godiva chocolate dipped strawberry fan XD but this chocolate looks yummy~ I like the bracelet in the first pic a lot and that purse kinda makes me think of chanel x3 love chanel~ The whole sets so perfectly cute! I like the boots in the second one, too!

  2. swietne ;**
    ej skąd bierzesz takie ubrania ? z jakiej stronki czy porostu szukasz i wklejasz ;d?

  3. thanks Koto!

    cuuks - dzieki! :* a to zależy.. raz na tych stronach co sie stylizuje, a raz po prostu znajduje i w photo flitre łącze wszystko :)

  4. Candies looks soo~ delicious!
    I wish to try it oneday too! <3
    And on photo you looks amazing ^ 33^
    BTW, Yumi-chan do you have facebook account?

  5. Thanks :*!!
    sure, I have facebook account :)
    You can add me :)! how about You? :3