wtorek, 28 września 2010

Sick and new shoes

Hello guys!! today I decided to make new entry, cause I have a lot of things to tell You about. first of all - how are You doing? when it comes to me, I`m feeling weird. I am ill :( today I visited doctor and I have to stay at home one week! (so I have break from school) I will come back there on monday. It quite makes me happy but it scares me at the same time, because I don't want to be in arrears. :/ that`s the problem. but I think I`ll do my best at school, these days I`m learning a lot :) Egrh. Today I wanna show You some new things. My friend opened her shop in the city with clothes, accessories, shoes and such. I decided to support her and bough some nice things for autumn :) wanna see?
These are perfect shoes for autumn :) I like color and details! they are very comfortable! I felt in love when I saw them, they are simple but pretty. 
Another pair I bought there, You can see here. Its black and I can wear it almost to everything, very simple but cute :) I usually wear it when I go to school, to the market near my house or when I go out for not long time :3
 Sorry for my fat and ugly legs T^T I don't belong to pretty girls with perfect body haha, but its my fault, I was eating too much! right now my weight is 51kg and I need to lose on weight to 45kg! that`s what I have to do!
Now the last pictures of the last pair :) enjoy!! (sorry for mess in the room :/)
Too much weird photos T^T I`m sorry! I hope You liked this entry, see You next time. I need to prepare something interesting, but honestly I have nothing to write about, I`m boring haha. ;3 good night Zzz

wtorek, 21 września 2010

This is Roxy

Today I`m writing again. :-) I want to share some photos of my doggy with You! Her name's Roxy and she is shih tzu. I love shih tzu dogs! They're so cute ;3 she's really young, she lives with me about 3 months. Isn't she lovely? She's so energetic, she's always jumping when I come back from school haha :-) what can I tell You about her? she loves to eat! She will eat and eat and eat, she won't stop, believe me haha :) she's always hungry! (just like me haha) She's like little toy, everyone who visit me, ask me if she's real. Just look at my baby :3
On 1st pic she's just looking at camera ;3 she was really crazy that day! and on the second one she's sleeping. Zzz I love when she sleeps cause I can do what I want. When she's not sleeping I have to look after her all the time, she's such a devil! >_< (again, like me) `^^
I hope You like her! right now I need to go and learn :-) but as You see I`m trying to be active on my blogspot, hope You enjoyed! bye bye

poniedziałek, 20 września 2010

Flavors of summer

Grr! guys, I am so bored and sleepy. I was learning science whole day!! whole day! my friend came to help me and we were learning together. T^T now I`m ready for the test! (which we have tommorow at school) I am kinda stressed! right now all my marks are good, so I can't ruin it. This year is really important to me, I want to give my best. :-) my weekend was pretty fine, how about Yours? as always, I met my friends, we were having good fine blahblah. I ordered some interesting things for myself like shoes and cosmetics! can't wait to get them. ok, that`s all I think. take care and now photos!! :)
long tshirt - new yorker, shoes - nike, leggins - random
when it comes to jacket I don't remember where I bought it -.- it was long time ago, probably it was in Łódź but I don't remember where, sorry.
I also want to show You beautiful shower gels :3 the brand is Avon, but I like them a lot, they smell so cute, aww believe me if You've never tried these before! :)
Magical - Aloha - Mystique
Cherries ;3 this is one of my favourite necklaces. Who doesn't like cherries? I love them a lot! and strawberries as well haha :-) Good night Zzz

czwartek, 16 września 2010

I need to have one of these! *q*

Haha I am cleaning the house but I need rest so I decided to show You bracelets I felt in love with! (*o*) I want to order one of them for myself, they're so cute, tell me what You think of them and give me Your advice! its really important to me, so help! :D which one would You chose if You were me?
IMPORTANT!! these pictures aren't mine!!
--->1, --->2, --->3, --->4, --->5
I love all of them, they're so cute! Imo 1 and 5 are the cuttest, but I really think each one is sweet, to be honest I want all of them haha :) but its difficult to chose T^T I don't like such decisions a lot. I think that's all for today, its such a short entry. Have a lovely day!! ^^v
The last day of school tommorow and then my lovely weekend I was waiting for! You don't know what's going to happen but I know and that's most important haha! maybe I`ll share this news with You someday ;)

sobota, 11 września 2010

Gifts from Magda

Hello! ^3^ I am so excited, because it's finally weekend! Thanks God, now I can rest :-) how about Your plans for weekend? I am going to visit my friends, have fun and of course I`m going for shopping which I really need :) I have to buy some stuff for my Dear Madzia, who I love so much! Soon I`m going to Kraków so we can finally meet, hopefully. Magda sent me some gifts, I was so suprised when I saw package from her! Inside I found cute box and inside the box, cute stuff! :D You have to see it! Yesterday I invited my friends to my house we were having good time, I ordered lots of fast foods and pizza of course. It was delicious, but I have to stop eating so much food! Its unhealthy >_<' later we went for nice walk! actually, it was nice but we met one bitch I really hate most in the world! :/ I was going to kill her but my friends told me to ignore her, so ok ;> there were some boys with us as well, they just said she's such a slut (good boys! ;O) Believe me, she's very bad, she's such a liar and she makes everyone mad T^T I don't understand why such people exist :/ Ok I need to calm down! :>
Now, enjoy pics I post, You can see colorful dots box from Magda (inside were gifts as I said) and some more things from her! I am going to post them to my closet (pupe) soon! be patient :)
And on this pic, You can see the box on my furniture ;) my room was really clean that day, usually its such a mess haha x3 hope You like it! Ok, that's all I think! Now I am going to go clean, I am lazy ass haha :)
I just want to wish You nice day and nice weekend! Please leave a comment if You want, I will be glad to read them I always reply :) remember! and tell me how did You spend Your day! I also want to invite You to comment and visit my poupee closet! Thanks in advance :-)

wtorek, 7 września 2010

In my dreams You're mine forever

Hi, now I am going to learn 'cause school started, I just want to post picture of me specially for my Dearest Magda! Thank You for being such a good friend, You're the best in the world, the closest to me and what's most important - You are TRUE friend and I can always count on You! I love You, hope we can see each other soon. Every second with You will always stay in my mind. Thank You for helping me in this hard moment, when M isn't around :( You know everything, I can tell You all my secrets, because You're so special! and thanks for letter and gifts, the necklace with letter 'K' is so beautiful, I am going to wear it everyday. We both will find luck! I already found mine, it's You. :-)
Special greetings for You and my M. :) (who I am dreaming about every night haha)
In next entry I promise to not write about my feelings, I know its boring guys! I will just show You photos of package from Magda :) yay! have a nice day and enjoy!! ^3^

sobota, 4 września 2010

Broken heart

Good night! How are You friends? It's late here, I am going to go sleep soon. Its already sunday, tommorow I have to go to school, I really don't want. T^T I just need someone special around, to be here with me :( Where are You M? I don't need anybody else, just You. :-( Now I am listening to depressing, polish music. I love listening to such music, crying and thinking about past. I have lots of memories that I want to keep in my mind forever and throw them away 'cause they hurt at the same time. It is so difficult, I just can't stand this feeling. The weather is terrible, so I can't even see him. </3 but I really wish it could happen. I wish to kiss him again. I know my entries are weird last week, sorry, I don't want to be boring guys, but I have nothing to write about, my mind is full of sad things. :( that's it. When it comes to school, its still fine. It didn't even started well. I need trip, anyway. School trip, I mean, with friends. I want to smile. Fortunately I have some nice people, I mean good friends, who are always with me nowadays. (Thanks Magda, Thank You Ilona and R. You are amazing!) I appreciate what You`re doing for me. Now just some random pics, I made. That heart is my favourite necklace, I received long time ago from girl who was my best friend. But she dissapeared. (nothing schocking, people always do it to me :/) and on the second one is pic of things in my room. Enjoy!

czwartek, 2 września 2010

Favourite perfumes

Hi, short entry as usual :-) Tommorow I have school guys, so I need to go sleep. I just want to show You my favourite perfumes ever! Btw what perfumes do You like and use?? Tell me Your favourite smells, I want to buy more and more :) These are the ones I use all the time:
Calvin Klein (Euphoria), Versace (Bright Crystal), Juicy Couture (Viva la juicy)
Goodnight and sleep well! Zzz I am so tired, I need to take rest, uh. T^T and I love You my Dear M.

środa, 1 września 2010

New bag to school

Hello guys! still some free time so I want to write something here for You! Well, it was nice day, it stopped raining, I am going to meet my friend now, I hope we will see someone on the street ( *q*), someone I really care about, huh. Today school started, I was lucky to see my good friends (at least, some of them x3 not everyone is nice there) and it seems it will be good year! yay! I want to show You bag I bought from Nike. I am going to wear it at school but I understood its quite, umm - too big hahaha. But nevermind, I will buy another one and this one I can use, for example when I travel (its huge, I swear :O) I like it anyway, hope You enjoyed this short entry! See You next time ( ^ 33^)/