wtorek, 7 września 2010

In my dreams You're mine forever

Hi, now I am going to learn 'cause school started, I just want to post picture of me specially for my Dearest Magda! Thank You for being such a good friend, You're the best in the world, the closest to me and what's most important - You are TRUE friend and I can always count on You! I love You, hope we can see each other soon. Every second with You will always stay in my mind. Thank You for helping me in this hard moment, when M isn't around :( You know everything, I can tell You all my secrets, because You're so special! and thanks for letter and gifts, the necklace with letter 'K' is so beautiful, I am going to wear it everyday. We both will find luck! I already found mine, it's You. :-)
Special greetings for You and my M. :) (who I am dreaming about every night haha)
In next entry I promise to not write about my feelings, I know its boring guys! I will just show You photos of package from Magda :) yay! have a nice day and enjoy!! ^3^

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  1. Kuźwa napisałam taki piękny komentarz, ale podczas dodawania wystąpił błąd :-( Nie pamiętam co w nim zamieściłam, ale chcę Ci jedynie powiedzieć, że kocham Cię najbardziej na świecie i zawsze będziesz miała szczególne miejsce w moim serduszku. Chcę abyś była już zawsze, wiesz? <3. Będę Cię wspierać za każdym razem, gdy tego będziesz potrzebować - moje małe wszystko..

  2. Oj, nie martw sie, jesteśmy tak sobie bliskie że możemy sobie czytać w myślach, czyż nie? haha <3 Ja również Ciebie kocham naj najbardziej na świecie i przy Tobie M. nie istnieje, dlatego że Ty jesteś najwspanialszą przyjaciółką jakiej nigdy nie miałam, wszystkim, dosłownie wszystkim! :3 I możesz na mnie liczyć Madziu!

  3. It means a lot of my "friends" know how to make me feel insignificant or maybe just don't know how to communicate with me. Like you said "from girl who was my best friend. But she dissapeared. (nothing schocking, people always do it to me :/)". Recently it seems like a certain friend is changing so much she doesn't have any time for me yet doesn't even seem to notice it and if you read my newest entry I was supposed to meet up with a friend I hadn't seen in awhile at that fair but even though she was "excited" and "wanted to so bad" she never even texted me back for what time or even after I said I was there and when I said we had to go now she never responded again, so >.> it seems a lot of people "want" to do things or "I'm so important to them" but for me its like suuure I'm important for a few minutes when they need me or are alone or bored. It's like it was for you and k, they must seem to have a different idea of what makes a friendship than myself. I feel I never learn and keep getting treated wrong than I deserve. A lot of people seem to say words to me that are easy come easy GO. They obviously don't mean as much to them as I thought they meant to me. I also feel lied to with so many excuses from people for things. I'm just glad I have a couple select friends who I can actually count on with none of that but it doesn't make it hurt that much less when you feel that way from someone you cared about deeply doing it to you, you know?

    Anyways, this is a beautiful picture, you can do no wrong behind a camera lens. I wish I had your large eyes. And lucky Magda~

  4. Yumi, I see you're having the wrong idea >.> I was writing about a friend I already told you about in ICQ.. from my real life.. :\ it's to the point I'm avoiding her now.. I told you about her before but she sometimes sees my blog and I don't want her to know I'm talking about her if she checks places >.> For one thing you do know we are talking less, you wrote it in a message when I told you I missed you, this friend I was talking about when I told her I missed her went "what? why? that makes no sense." and I told her I just haven't seen her lately and she said "What? So? I was online recently we just didn't talk. You make no sense!!" It's like, seriously?! Why is she getting mad at me for missing her?!! It is NOT about you, why did you write all this?

    If I wanted to talk about you to you I would talk about it in private or in a private message, not somewhere public where we would both feel uncomfortable. I don't think a blog comment is the place to make such a talk and I certainly don't think it's polite to do so on that persons blog, it would be rude.. It's their place to write their feelings and what's on their mind, not a place to quarrel. I wouldn't invade that right. :\

    I don't even get how you immediately think it's about you? I'm not mad at you, I'm trying to tell you I relate but I see you think we have a problem? I am happy for you because I know your past, I know everything you have gone through, I know you have problems like I did with family, why on Earth would I be so petty? I even told Pakky how much I just want to be there for you the way I wish someone had been there for me (I didn't tell her details, don't worry, I just said it's important to me to be there for you) and I want you to have more than I did! Yumi, I don't understand your reaction at all. You immediately assumed the worst of me and jumped to ending the friendship? I didn't start anything o.O

    EXACTLY my point as to why it's NOT about you. You obviously WEREN'T ignoring me if you replied my message, right? So what I said wasn't about you.

    OMG Yumi I KNOW this and I DO know what happened because I was there when you were writing K :\ I NEVER insinuated even that you ignored her, I know exactly how much you put into it. Those were your words when you said the friendship probably means something different to you two. You quoted me something in Polish about it, too, because you didn't know how to say it in English.

    You jumped to teh wrong conclusions, Yumi. I'll write this here and in private message.

    Large eyes was a compliment, it means like doe eyes or peaceful eyes or sweet eyes. Sorry.

  5. I was idiot to write all these things in the comment, I am so sorry T^T I deleted that. >__< I feel most stupid in the world. If someone saw it - I am DUMB!