sobota, 11 września 2010

Gifts from Magda

Hello! ^3^ I am so excited, because it's finally weekend! Thanks God, now I can rest :-) how about Your plans for weekend? I am going to visit my friends, have fun and of course I`m going for shopping which I really need :) I have to buy some stuff for my Dear Madzia, who I love so much! Soon I`m going to Kraków so we can finally meet, hopefully. Magda sent me some gifts, I was so suprised when I saw package from her! Inside I found cute box and inside the box, cute stuff! :D You have to see it! Yesterday I invited my friends to my house we were having good time, I ordered lots of fast foods and pizza of course. It was delicious, but I have to stop eating so much food! Its unhealthy >_<' later we went for nice walk! actually, it was nice but we met one bitch I really hate most in the world! :/ I was going to kill her but my friends told me to ignore her, so ok ;> there were some boys with us as well, they just said she's such a slut (good boys! ;O) Believe me, she's very bad, she's such a liar and she makes everyone mad T^T I don't understand why such people exist :/ Ok I need to calm down! :>
Now, enjoy pics I post, You can see colorful dots box from Magda (inside were gifts as I said) and some more things from her! I am going to post them to my closet (pupe) soon! be patient :)
And on this pic, You can see the box on my furniture ;) my room was really clean that day, usually its such a mess haha x3 hope You like it! Ok, that's all I think! Now I am going to go clean, I am lazy ass haha :)
I just want to wish You nice day and nice weekend! Please leave a comment if You want, I will be glad to read them I always reply :) remember! and tell me how did You spend Your day! I also want to invite You to comment and visit my poupee closet! Thanks in advance :-)

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  1. O matko, dopiero teraz widzę jak ja tam brzydko napisałam Twoje jak i swoje imię :-D No i oczywiście się rozmazało, bo jakżeby inaczej -.-' No nie ważne. Gdybym sprzątała tak często jak Ty to mogłabym jeść z podłogi :o Mój pokój to stajnia, a nawet gorzej haha. Jestem zbyt leniwa żeby zająć się jego ogarnianiem :-( O ja Cię, jeśli przyjedziesz do Krakowa to chyba umrę <3. Tylko wiesz.. przygotuj się na rozczarowanie, bo paskuda ze mnie :-D