czwartek, 16 września 2010

I need to have one of these! *q*

Haha I am cleaning the house but I need rest so I decided to show You bracelets I felt in love with! (*o*) I want to order one of them for myself, they're so cute, tell me what You think of them and give me Your advice! its really important to me, so help! :D which one would You chose if You were me?
IMPORTANT!! these pictures aren't mine!!
--->1, --->2, --->3, --->4, --->5
I love all of them, they're so cute! Imo 1 and 5 are the cuttest, but I really think each one is sweet, to be honest I want all of them haha :) but its difficult to chose T^T I don't like such decisions a lot. I think that's all for today, its such a short entry. Have a lovely day!! ^^v
The last day of school tommorow and then my lovely weekend I was waiting for! You don't know what's going to happen but I know and that's most important haha! maybe I`ll share this news with You someday ;)

2 komentarze:

  1. o rety, jakie śliczne :3 Najbardziej podoba mi się 2, 3 i 5 *in love* *-*

  2. I like the red one most and the black, too <3