czwartek, 2 września 2010

Favourite perfumes

Hi, short entry as usual :-) Tommorow I have school guys, so I need to go sleep. I just want to show You my favourite perfumes ever! Btw what perfumes do You like and use?? Tell me Your favourite smells, I want to buy more and more :) These are the ones I use all the time:
Calvin Klein (Euphoria), Versace (Bright Crystal), Juicy Couture (Viva la juicy)
Goodnight and sleep well! Zzz I am so tired, I need to take rest, uh. T^T and I love You my Dear M.

4 komentarze:

  1. Wow the bottles all look awesome :)!
    I love perfume too but I hate spending so much money on it... so I buy cheap ones :P. They are awesome too but I guess it's nearly impossible to exactly tell you where to get them :/.

  2. These are nicer perfumes (more fancy) than I get D: I just get the Victoria Secret ones x3 I loved Strawberry Fizz but it's now discontinued but the similar is a berry one oh I forget the name... but I have 2 just in case it discontinues, too XD

  3. saikoro.kitten - Thanks a lot, I am glad You like those bottles, I pretty like them too, my fav one is bottle of Juicy Couture :3 its so cute and huge ribbon looks sweet I think :) I like spending lots of money on such things. :> oh and don't worry, its ok, You can tell me just name of these perfumes and I can easily find them, I hope.

    kotokochi - Thanks, I am glad You like them, I like lots of perfumes and these are my fav I guess x3

    Vanilja - Ja Ciebie też <3 jesteś moim cudownym, kochanym skarbem i tak pragne Cie teraz przytulić, bo cholernie cierpie </3