wtorek, 28 września 2010

Sick and new shoes

Hello guys!! today I decided to make new entry, cause I have a lot of things to tell You about. first of all - how are You doing? when it comes to me, I`m feeling weird. I am ill :( today I visited doctor and I have to stay at home one week! (so I have break from school) I will come back there on monday. It quite makes me happy but it scares me at the same time, because I don't want to be in arrears. :/ that`s the problem. but I think I`ll do my best at school, these days I`m learning a lot :) Egrh. Today I wanna show You some new things. My friend opened her shop in the city with clothes, accessories, shoes and such. I decided to support her and bough some nice things for autumn :) wanna see?
These are perfect shoes for autumn :) I like color and details! they are very comfortable! I felt in love when I saw them, they are simple but pretty. 
Another pair I bought there, You can see here. Its black and I can wear it almost to everything, very simple but cute :) I usually wear it when I go to school, to the market near my house or when I go out for not long time :3
 Sorry for my fat and ugly legs T^T I don't belong to pretty girls with perfect body haha, but its my fault, I was eating too much! right now my weight is 51kg and I need to lose on weight to 45kg! that`s what I have to do!
Now the last pictures of the last pair :) enjoy!! (sorry for mess in the room :/)
Too much weird photos T^T I`m sorry! I hope You liked this entry, see You next time. I need to prepare something interesting, but honestly I have nothing to write about, I`m boring haha. ;3 good night Zzz

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  1. I looove the second boots x).

    And girl, you do not have to lose weight and neither do you have ugly legs O_O!! You are really slim and your legs are totally beautiful and slim, too! And you are still young, you need it all to build up sexy female curves ;)! I have 15kg more than you btw. and my BMI is normal. I don't think it would be healthy for you to loose those 6kg :(! And as I said already... your body looks awesome.

  2. Thanks Dear, I am glad You like them.
    I am fat, You can't see it on these photos, but I have terrible body and I hate it. Moreover I hate my face and everything about myself. I wish I could be in different body T^T I need to do more exercises to look better as well. but thanks a lot for caring, I am thankful.

  3. omg, I think I have those EXACT middle boots o.o
    btw, your legs have the nicest shape o.O so idk what you're saying, my legs are like big meat sometimes T^T I should just attach lady gagas meat dress to me so I have an excuse for being so meaty... xP