wtorek, 21 września 2010

This is Roxy

Today I`m writing again. :-) I want to share some photos of my doggy with You! Her name's Roxy and she is shih tzu. I love shih tzu dogs! They're so cute ;3 she's really young, she lives with me about 3 months. Isn't she lovely? She's so energetic, she's always jumping when I come back from school haha :-) what can I tell You about her? she loves to eat! She will eat and eat and eat, she won't stop, believe me haha :) she's always hungry! (just like me haha) She's like little toy, everyone who visit me, ask me if she's real. Just look at my baby :3
On 1st pic she's just looking at camera ;3 she was really crazy that day! and on the second one she's sleeping. Zzz I love when she sleeps cause I can do what I want. When she's not sleeping I have to look after her all the time, she's such a devil! >_< (again, like me) `^^
I hope You like her! right now I need to go and learn :-) but as You see I`m trying to be active on my blogspot, hope You enjoyed! bye bye

2 komentarze:

  1. Omg she's like a little plush *0* I love her sleeping, that's so cute putting her paw over her eyes x3 my cat does this sometimes, too XD but not pooka, pooka likes to sleep really awkwardly on her back o.O

  2. Thanks dear haha, my doggy is really weird but cute sometimes! :D I love Your Pooka!