poniedziałek, 20 września 2010

Flavors of summer

Grr! guys, I am so bored and sleepy. I was learning science whole day!! whole day! my friend came to help me and we were learning together. T^T now I`m ready for the test! (which we have tommorow at school) I am kinda stressed! right now all my marks are good, so I can't ruin it. This year is really important to me, I want to give my best. :-) my weekend was pretty fine, how about Yours? as always, I met my friends, we were having good fine blahblah. I ordered some interesting things for myself like shoes and cosmetics! can't wait to get them. ok, that`s all I think. take care and now photos!! :)
long tshirt - new yorker, shoes - nike, leggins - random
when it comes to jacket I don't remember where I bought it -.- it was long time ago, probably it was in Łódź but I don't remember where, sorry.
I also want to show You beautiful shower gels :3 the brand is Avon, but I like them a lot, they smell so cute, aww believe me if You've never tried these before! :)
Magical - Aloha - Mystique
Cherries ;3 this is one of my favourite necklaces. Who doesn't like cherries? I love them a lot! and strawberries as well haha :-) Good night Zzz

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  1. Cherries are your perfect symbol (: and you have great fashion sense <3 I love your tee there.