niedziela, 26 grudnia 2010

merry christmas!!

hi! I`m still not coming back but I just want to post song I`m listening to all the time! haha, I love many kind of music, and I listen to Metallica as well! I love it, enjoy! btw Merry Christmas to everyone, I hope You spent it well with family and friends! and happy new year, its coming soon! (2011) :)

wtorek, 14 grudnia 2010

I need break

yes. I need break from this blog :) I will come back to You soon with new desing and entries! sorry :( I`m too busy now. I have lots of things to do at school. I need to be better!! today my mom went to school and its not good ;) hmm, now I`m going to drink something cold :) bye!!

środa, 1 grudnia 2010

Some sets

Today I`m going to watch final of polish ``Top Model`` Can't wait! We`ll see who's going to win ;) Now enjoy some sets I've prepared for You. I`m so booooooored! -.-
1. I like it, its weird but in my style :)
2. This one is good to school, I like cap and the shoes :) You can see few AVON cosmetics as well. Oh and bag is ok too. :-)
3. Shoes are amazing, I just love color :) purple is one of my fav colors ever!! this shade is *_* hmm, nothing more to say. Oh and I have this NIKE bag, You can see it in previous entries or in my poupee closet, I have post it already.
4. I just love that bracelet! and colorful t-shirt :)
5. Definitaly my fav one!! even though it doesn't look perfect I love it, and the color of shoes stole my heart!! I want them! :3
6. Nothing to say. I am in love with this kind of shoes :)

That's all :) now I gotta go, so bye!

wtorek, 30 listopada 2010

Feel the music!

I'm in love with this! :3 Feel free to listen if You want :) its in polish btw! oh and how are You? I just came back from very very cold city... uff! I've been there to do little shopping. I went there with my mom and my dog, because we also visited dog salon to change her hairstyle haha :) she looks so cute now, I will upload photo later! today I didn't go to school, I was too lazy! have a nice day! :)

poniedziałek, 29 listopada 2010


Hi! It's been such a long time I wrote last time. Sorry! was too busy. Lots of work at school and at weekends I`m having parties, meetings etc. This weekend I had amazing party whole night!! wanna repeat, it was crazy! I did so many stupid and crazy things haha :) and I had house for myself for TWO DAYS cause my parents were away. But I've been to party at my friend's house. :) I can't wait for New Year!! its going to be amazing party as well.
Eh, the only one thing that makes me depressed is the weather!!! its so cold, it is snowing all the time! I just hate it :/ when I was younger I used to love winter, but right now I`m not into such weather, I just see problems, not fun :/ I can't travel everywhere, its dangerous and too cold!! I miss summer, I`m just thinking of all those awesome things that has happened during my vacation and I`m like ``can I repeat it??`` *_* yes!
How about Your plans? for santa day? its coming!! I like it a lot! The only one thing I like about winter is Santa Claus day cause its fun at school and Christmas! :) these two things make me happier!! My school class and I are going to the cinema soon! I`m looking forward to it!
ok, last entry I promised to show You some clothes. I`ll do it now. But I am sorry the photos are terrible. >_< and small. Next time I`ll make normal photos. forgive me!
 sorry for stupid face.
T-shirt: ZARA
Earmuffs: New yorker (You can see better photo in previous entry)
No make-up! haha
jacket - orsay
scarf - random (it was bought in my friend's shop)
and the tshirt zara, i wrote it before.
Excuse me mess and my dog in the background.
Jacket - H&M
Shirt - Bershka
Leggings - ZARA
Here You can see it quite better, but not very well. I am so sorry, I did these photos in the evening, it sucks mostly because of it >_<
thanks for reading
xoxo take care guys!!

sobota, 20 listopada 2010

Utada Hikaru - This One (Crying Like A Child)

It isn't new song but I love it soo~ much and some time ago it was my fav song!! right now I am listening to it again. It's beautiful :) and makes me think of some things. Enjoy!


Good afternoon! Yesterday was Friday. I had only 5 lessons at school so after school me and my friend decided to go for little shopping. I bought some nice stuff that I am going to show You later! But now I will show You earmuffs that I bought. They were so cute and funny so I decided to get myself such! :o The brand is New Yorker! I think they`ll suit me haha, I always look so funny when I wear things like this. What`s more - they were very cheap! they cost about 13 dollars so the price was perfect!
It was very difficult to make photo but I hope its ok. The color looks more like on first picture. Enjoy and have a nice day!!

niedziela, 14 listopada 2010


me&Karolina (she is my friend) I`m on the right. she`d kill me if she knows :P I look like child, hahaha :D That's for now. I gotta go and learn uh :/ see u soon! tommorow school, oh no! -.-'
 ``if you ever loved somebody put your hands up!``
 sets I've prepared for 2day :) the first one.
the second one, I like it a lot!! shoes are perfect! and the blouse, I just wish to have it soo~ much!! :D skulls are cool! bye bye!

sobota, 13 listopada 2010

Loca Loca!

I love this song!! Shakira's the best, yay! isn't she hot?! I`d do everything for her hahaha, even become lesbian! :D

piątek, 12 listopada 2010

Delicious chocolates and random photos

It's so late! very very late and I should sleep but I can't and I have no idea why! I`m not sleepy today. Soon I`m going for a party with the best people ever, I just can't wait. Today I want to show You some pictures. Oh today I ate very delicious chocolates. My grandma gave me them!! so yummy!
oh when I was bored I also made photo of me. here is it!! its just outfit. sorry for messy room behind me >.<' I didn't clean before making photo, ops!
I also prepared some fashion sets for today, enjoy!! I hope You`ll like them :)
The first one is my favourite one and I wish to have everything what You can see on the photo! ( *o*)/ especially jacket! fabulous!!
The second one is pretty simple, but I like it :)
Bye!! I wish You nice day :)!

czwartek, 11 listopada 2010


I`m sorry last days I wasn't active here! but its because I don't have my laptop >_< I only use my second computer and here I can't keep my pics and such. Sorry! I`ll try to write something new soon, so many new things happened :)
and my bday was great, I did party and home and spent it with friends :) nothing else to say! I`m lucky that it was spent with them! I love You guys!
hmm, now I have long weekend! break from school! it makes me so happy! I've got lots of plans. Yesterday my friends came to me! nowadays I`m meeting with them all the time!
all I can show You today are some fashion sets. That's all I keep on this pc. of course they are made by me.
First set is one of my fav! I just love such colors! I wish to have these converse and shirt!! and of course bag.
I love shoes and the bag! and I like black the most. Black is my favourite color as for now. My friends ask me why I wear black clothes all the time haha. I think I need to wear more colorful things >_<' I was wearing black because of my bad mood.
and finally!!! something more colorful. Pink looks so lovely here. My favourite thing from this set is shoes. I love them and the pattern <3 I wish to have them so much!
Have a nice weekend and I promise to write long entry soon. I can't write anything more as for now >_< take care!

środa, 3 listopada 2010

My birthday

today (3rd of november) I have bday :D so happy bday to me!! yayayay! :D I`m so happy! and to my polish friends - thanks so much for wishes, it means a lot to me! I love You! let's party!

niedziela, 31 października 2010

New sets

hi... i`m so depressed today. T^T so just posting new sets.
and another one, my favourite :)
made by me!! bye

czwartek, 28 października 2010

Set to school

Hi guys!! lots of learning today :'( but I will do my best :) just a short entry, cause I have to go and do my history homework :/ it sucks soo bad!! now set I made :) I would wear it to school if I had these things! oh and converse are the best and most comfortable shoes ever :P

wtorek, 26 października 2010

Random pics and new sets

Just came back from school. What a stupid day!!! I got bad mark because of... nothing! yes :/ Our science teacher didn't learn us anything for about few years (yes!! he came to classroom maybe like 8 times during these few years, seriously!!) and now he's angry at everyone :/ what a jerk!!! I hate my school sometimes.
I need to take a rest! but I can't :/ I have to go learn soon -.- will someone do it for me? uhh
now some pics that reminds me of autumn, enjoy! (that is my favourite bracelet, if You don't know)
Pink candles I got from Magda, so cute and they smell pretty :) I like this king of things. Thanks Madzia :* they were in cute packaging from ``nici``. I`ll show You photo oneday.
Oh and I almost forgot! I made two more sets by myself :) would You like to see?
When I`m bored while using my laptop I`m always watching new clothes, fashion :) some time ago I did some sets. The first one is simple... if I had these things I would wear them to school, cause such is my style to school. I like long top and shoes! I think shoes are perfect! The color of CHANEL nail polish is so delicate :) I need to go for shopping right now uhuhu!
Second set I like less, but yes :) I think its nice too. I like green top, scarf (I have very similar one but mine's prettier haha :P), shoes!! (such pumps are perfect, I wish to be owner of them!) and Valentino fragrance is perfect, believe me! I also like huge rings and accessories like this. Omg, someone buy me these things please hahah, soon is my bday! *joking*
OK! That`s all :-) from now I`m going to make sets and show You them, I hope You`ll like them. What I have to do today scares me!!
- learn history
- learn science
- learn english
- clean the house
- visit my friend (it doesn't scare me but I`m afraid I won't have time >_<)
I need weekend!!!

poniedziałek, 25 października 2010

Just feelings, to M

Now I am just sure its the end of us :) forever. maybe not. But I`m tired of crying so no more tears anymore :) Thanks for being with me that day, thanks for good time I spent with You. I`m even thankful for bad memories. It's nonsense, I know, but I`m thankful! it was spent with You and that's most important. In the bottom of my heart I still love You. I`m just trying to hide what I feel. Well... do what You have to do, I wish You luck my M. It's Your life and I`m leaving You alone, but remember I`m always for You... but oneday it`ll be too late. Goodbye, get out of my mind! :)
sorry guys!! its the end of something in my life, so I had to write what I feel here :) good night, I`m going to go sleep now! enjoy the song :c

niedziela, 24 października 2010

Just a set :)

Hi!! Just came here to show You nice set!! :D This one is made by me. I did it today. Hope You like it. I love shirt, jacket, shoes, everything!! I wish to have such shoes :) when it comes to fragrance its Calvin Klein Euphoria :) I have it and I recommend that to You huhu :D Nowadays I wear only black clothes, so such things are perfect in my opinion!! Enjoy!

sobota, 23 października 2010

something delicious + outfit

I think every girl loves lipglosses and such :) My friend gave me new avon catalog to check some things and I like some lip care products, I took photos to show You. What do You think? I always say I`m not too much into avon but I can't resist to buy something when I see cute packaging! and I can't say ``no`` to my friend :)
now some random pics, enjoy!
piece of my room hehe
outfit to school, very very simple.
Sorry for dirty mirror!! -,-
leggins - bershka, shirt - new yorker, dark green blouse - kappAhl
At school I`m usually wearing navy blue converse. I should make some photos of my shoes as well :)
see You!!!

Colorful autumn, baskets of fruits

Hello :) What a sunny day, its perfect! perfect for good party haha. With every weekend its getting better and better. Yes... and its so beautiful outside and colorful. :) We have autumn! so I have something to share with You as usual. My mother's friend is good at making different, beautiful things, decorations. She made herself two baskets of fake fruits and such for me and my brother. Now I can feel autumn when I look at these! :D the first one belongs to my brother, the second one to me :) enjoy some colorful pictures!
Now I have to clean my house, because yesterday my 8 of my friends visited me at my house. and now its one HUGE mess! :P hehe~ we ordered pizza and so on! it was just meeting :) next week I will make huge party at my house, cause my parents are always away at weekends, so I have whole house for myself! YAY! its going to be cool night! oh and today I`m going out as well! Love weekends xoxo

piątek, 22 października 2010

Can't sleep!

Party was great. Today there will be another one! and I need one more weekend, haha cause I have great plans! I can't sleep guys! but I should go now.
W h a t    s h o u l d    I    d o     n o w?
You dissapear, then You come back, You hurt, I forgive, You forget, I cry, You don't care, I`m trying to tell You goodbye, then You just smile and make me fall for You. This is sick and it repeats all the time... life sucks!
I want to go sleep! I want nice dream. I want You and me in my dream.
what a pity its only a dream...

poniedziałek, 18 października 2010

Which shoes are better?

Hi, I need Your help :) I`m going to order new shoes and I don't know which one pair is prettier, so give me Your advice, haha :). its soo~ difficult to chose >.< cause I like both pairs and colors. First pair looks really nice, perfect for autumn, I like black, it matchs everything! what do You think about it?? I think its more comfortable than the other pairs I`m going to show You.
These are nice too, but I think first pair is prettier... maybe... what`s Your opinion? I`m curious! :D and which color is better?? I don't know why but I think these look a little bit tawdry haha but even though they look like this, I like them xP lol. I don't like bottom of these shoes, I mean that ``lock`` (?) I don't know correct word for this, in english. :). it looks bad :/
I`m waiting for Your help :) bye bye!

niedziela, 17 października 2010

Weekend was fine!

Hi guys! as I said I`m writing second entry :) about weekend. So weekend was fine! The weather was pretty good, but evenings are so cold! :P it sucks. I met my friends, went to the city to meet with some good people and M came as well >_<' omg. but I`m forgetting about him, its really fine now! hehe I don't worry as I used to worry before! hope I can forget about him for good.
Haha, today at night I got call. From my friends. They asked me if  wanna go somewhere with them, so I said sure :) now I am soo~ sleepy. I will meet my friend Justyna in hour :). so this entry is going to be short. Now some pictures!
These photos are made at school :) it was boring lesson. Our school isn't too pretty, sorry xP. You can see one girl next to me, and on the second one there's me and my friend Karolina <3 sorry for my silly face.
Haha, I was so tired while making this photo, I look bad, I know ^^ Lee ---> Karolina ---> Me.
I hate my hair >_<' I hope You enjoyed this entry!!
How about Your weekend? how it was? share it with me!
and current music for today is Rihanna - Only Girl! I love this song a lot! :) RiRi's hot!

Amazing sets

Hello guys! Today I will write two entries :). My weekend was fine, how about Yours? I will tell You more soon in next entry! but now I want to show You wonderful sets I found in the internet :). I felt in love with those, its totally my style! <3 but they're not made by me!!
first set - It looks so beautiful, I love shoes so much! perfect for going out for a party or something like this :) I like such colors! to be honest, my style changed a lot and now I prefer more mature things to colorful and childish tshirts... but I still like them a lot hehe :)
second set is PERFECT! I`m in love with jacket, shoes and little bag! I wish to have all these things :) I need to go for shopping and find something like this! perfect for going out as well, don't You think so? and I like color combination! very simple but beautiful!
Third set - My favourite one!! totally perfect! I love jacket, shirt, sunglasses, bracelet, shoes! EVERYTHING! Its perfect to school, I prefer such style! :) Converse are most comfortable shoes ever, I have to buy one more pair. I have one like this but its quite different. Color are the best!
So my favourite sets are - 3, 2, 1. hehe :) how about Yours?? oh or maybe You have some interesting sets to share with me? I would be glad! I love watching clothes and so on. Give me some ideas!