środa, 1 grudnia 2010

Some sets

Today I`m going to watch final of polish ``Top Model`` Can't wait! We`ll see who's going to win ;) Now enjoy some sets I've prepared for You. I`m so booooooored! -.-
1. I like it, its weird but in my style :)
2. This one is good to school, I like cap and the shoes :) You can see few AVON cosmetics as well. Oh and bag is ok too. :-)
3. Shoes are amazing, I just love color :) purple is one of my fav colors ever!! this shade is *_* hmm, nothing more to say. Oh and I have this NIKE bag, You can see it in previous entries or in my poupee closet, I have post it already.
4. I just love that bracelet! and colorful t-shirt :)
5. Definitaly my fav one!! even though it doesn't look perfect I love it, and the color of shoes stole my heart!! I want them! :3
6. Nothing to say. I am in love with this kind of shoes :)

That's all :) now I gotta go, so bye!

2 komentarze:

  1. I love your sets :D You're so fashionable! I'm on my way to bed right now but just wanted to leave you a little something to let you know I'm around! I read your messages <3 I'll respond asap but I want to say we had that little girl on our tv too and I thin this reggae guy is more unique and cool! XD we get a lot of child prodigy singers these days around the world, don't we? D: but she's still really good!! They all are!