niedziela, 17 października 2010

Amazing sets

Hello guys! Today I will write two entries :). My weekend was fine, how about Yours? I will tell You more soon in next entry! but now I want to show You wonderful sets I found in the internet :). I felt in love with those, its totally my style! <3 but they're not made by me!!
first set - It looks so beautiful, I love shoes so much! perfect for going out for a party or something like this :) I like such colors! to be honest, my style changed a lot and now I prefer more mature things to colorful and childish tshirts... but I still like them a lot hehe :)
second set is PERFECT! I`m in love with jacket, shoes and little bag! I wish to have all these things :) I need to go for shopping and find something like this! perfect for going out as well, don't You think so? and I like color combination! very simple but beautiful!
Third set - My favourite one!! totally perfect! I love jacket, shirt, sunglasses, bracelet, shoes! EVERYTHING! Its perfect to school, I prefer such style! :) Converse are most comfortable shoes ever, I have to buy one more pair. I have one like this but its quite different. Color are the best!
So my favourite sets are - 3, 2, 1. hehe :) how about Yours?? oh or maybe You have some interesting sets to share with me? I would be glad! I love watching clothes and so on. Give me some ideas!

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