piątek, 22 października 2010

Can't sleep!

Party was great. Today there will be another one! and I need one more weekend, haha cause I have great plans! I can't sleep guys! but I should go now.
W h a t    s h o u l d    I    d o     n o w?
You dissapear, then You come back, You hurt, I forgive, You forget, I cry, You don't care, I`m trying to tell You goodbye, then You just smile and make me fall for You. This is sick and it repeats all the time... life sucks!
I want to go sleep! I want nice dream. I want You and me in my dream.
what a pity its only a dream...

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  1. ): I don't know how to comment this one but it seems like you are having nice weekends, now <3