wtorek, 5 października 2010


Just came to post something cute :) bought it long time ago for my good friend and I need to send it to her but still don't have time >_<' she's waiting so long but I hope she`ll like it. These are cute cupcakes lipglosses, new sets ^^ I found them in Twister shop in our shopping centre, so cute, isn't it?? hehe. When I look at them I am getting hungry huhuh, my mom thought its real and she said she's sure there are candies inside packaging. I just said - silly. I know You wanna eat them, but these are for my friend and its not eatable!! :D these are lipglosses.
btw guys I know I`m back with packages I should send long time ago :( I`ll try to send some packages to You as soon as possible, when most important exams finish at school, ok??
Ah, today I was crying for awhile. I`m still thinking about someone I love! why it happened to me? :( agrhh!! I hate myself. but when I am sad I`m taking my diary and writing something I want to tell him but never will.
You suddenly came into my life and as suddenly as You came, You've dissapeared. You cast a spell on me and I can't recover from it. You come, then You go away. You play with me without any consequences for You. How would You feel like if someone who You love would give You hope and then left You? Were You ever thinking about it? I don't think so. How did You name that game which You`re playing with me? is this Your favourite one? to make me cry and think of You days and nights? Even though we're so different I can't stop thinking about You. You can teach me lots of things which I can't do, for example - how to forget? You did it without any difficulty, You can normally wake up, normally eat, normally talk, normally sleep. I can't do any of these things without thinking of You! I will never find a boy like You, who smiles the same way as You do, who looks so cute as You do, who talks in this interesting way as You do, who walks the same as You do, who kisses the same way as You do and who hurts the same way as You do. He can even use the same perfumes as You do but it won't smell as perfect as it smells on You! Honestly, I like the way You hurt me and lie me. I don't know why. Maybe because its You who does it. In my dreams You're mine forever, remember.
If You were one of my tears I swear I would never cry anymore because I would be afraid to lose You.
You are everything to me. Good night!

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  1. Aw dear these lip glosses are so cute. I haven't seen such sweet and cute cupcake glosses before.
    Your post is very deep. I think.. You love the way he lies and hurts because his lies can be so beautiful and when he's around his kiss is so poisonous it makes you forget anything else. Right? You love these things about him because even though he breaks your heart for days, maybe weeks, he can make you forget it in seconds with just his smile. Love is infectious but sometimes for men it's not as precious as it is for us woman. ): I wish one day they will feel the things we do. I know what you mean about those things, doing things normally as though nothing is wrong or nothing is different >.< I can't post such things that hurt me here, I don't feel comfortable for others to see them, but I understand this! That was a really artistic line about your tears, too. You'd be an amazing writer.

  2. I'm really pained to hear how much suffering you are going through and I can only hope for your smile and for this man to see your worth the way I do and the way a boyfriend should. ): You deserve more than anything and its not fair you'd be less than the world to someone you've made your whole world. I love you dear, you are so strong.