sobota, 23 października 2010

Colorful autumn, baskets of fruits

Hello :) What a sunny day, its perfect! perfect for good party haha. With every weekend its getting better and better. Yes... and its so beautiful outside and colorful. :) We have autumn! so I have something to share with You as usual. My mother's friend is good at making different, beautiful things, decorations. She made herself two baskets of fake fruits and such for me and my brother. Now I can feel autumn when I look at these! :D the first one belongs to my brother, the second one to me :) enjoy some colorful pictures!
Now I have to clean my house, because yesterday my 8 of my friends visited me at my house. and now its one HUGE mess! :P hehe~ we ordered pizza and so on! it was just meeting :) next week I will make huge party at my house, cause my parents are always away at weekends, so I have whole house for myself! YAY! its going to be cool night! oh and today I`m going out as well! Love weekends xoxo

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  1. What a nice thing to do! That's really to sweet and these baskets are gorgeous x3