wtorek, 26 października 2010

Random pics and new sets

Just came back from school. What a stupid day!!! I got bad mark because of... nothing! yes :/ Our science teacher didn't learn us anything for about few years (yes!! he came to classroom maybe like 8 times during these few years, seriously!!) and now he's angry at everyone :/ what a jerk!!! I hate my school sometimes.
I need to take a rest! but I can't :/ I have to go learn soon -.- will someone do it for me? uhh
now some pics that reminds me of autumn, enjoy! (that is my favourite bracelet, if You don't know)
Pink candles I got from Magda, so cute and they smell pretty :) I like this king of things. Thanks Madzia :* they were in cute packaging from ``nici``. I`ll show You photo oneday.
Oh and I almost forgot! I made two more sets by myself :) would You like to see?
When I`m bored while using my laptop I`m always watching new clothes, fashion :) some time ago I did some sets. The first one is simple... if I had these things I would wear them to school, cause such is my style to school. I like long top and shoes! I think shoes are perfect! The color of CHANEL nail polish is so delicate :) I need to go for shopping right now uhuhu!
Second set I like less, but yes :) I think its nice too. I like green top, scarf (I have very similar one but mine's prettier haha :P), shoes!! (such pumps are perfect, I wish to be owner of them!) and Valentino fragrance is perfect, believe me! I also like huge rings and accessories like this. Omg, someone buy me these things please hahah, soon is my bday! *joking*
OK! That`s all :-) from now I`m going to make sets and show You them, I hope You`ll like them. What I have to do today scares me!!
- learn history
- learn science
- learn english
- clean the house
- visit my friend (it doesn't scare me but I`m afraid I won't have time >_<)
I need weekend!!!

2 komentarze:

  1. Autumn is my favorite season so of course I love your bracelet ^^ Are you serious about that teacher? o.o that's incredibly unprofessional and he shouldn't even be called a teacher or get paid, he's obviously not doing his job! Did the school know he is doing this?

  2. yes, i`m serious... he doesnt do any lessons, but he gives us marks ^^ right now I've got two 1 (the worst) and idk why!! :/