czwartek, 7 października 2010

Some items; bags, cosmetics and so on

Today I had math test and it was terrible >_< it was so easy but I`m sure I will fail!! :/ it was very very unlucky day -,- we also had english test and I wrote two things wrong :/ bad luck. Tommorow I`m having geography exam and little music test. Wish me luck!!! oh and there's coming important exam on Wednesday!! its going to be history one. I hate school, but who likes it? ;)
Weekend is coming - nowadays I`m only waiting for weekends!! cause weekends are the best - all my friends are visiting the city and my area!! and I am spending tons of time with them <3 That`s what I love doing the most hehe :) and M is coming tommorow. I`m excited but also worried.
Hey, You gave me hope again! now I see how You enjoy playing this game. You break my heart like nobody before, but I love You and I won't let You go. </3 please never leave me alone. I just... want You to be here with me forever.
Now I want to show You some new random items. I told You before about my friend`s shop she opened. I support her everytime I visit her shop and buy something haha :) Last time I bought there new bags, I`m going to use them to school when we don't have lots of books to take.
 What I bought there is also amazing scarf!! its so warm and huge :3 perfect for coming winter hehe. It will match most of things so I can't wait for first snow ^^*
oh and some time ago my friend gave me avon catalog so I decided to order some things :) today they arrived so I took some pics hehe. That's what I ordered, its not a lot because I`m not into avon cosmetics too much >_<'
bronze pearls, they looked nice in catalog :) in real they're not as good ;O my friend warned me about this but I didn't listen to her haha :)
powder ^^ it seems to be good. we`ll see. hehe, the rest od things You can find in my closet, I don't want to post everything here >_<' enjoy!!! oh and I forgot about base :) that`s all I think for now.
I also bought eyeliner and some other stuff, You will see later :-) the last thing to show is cute photo frame from DIDDL that my best friend Magda gave me long time ago :) its soo~ sweet, don't You think so? best friends forever! <3
bye bye and I wish You nice day! I`m going out now and later - learning.
Special message to my friend Sinead - I love You and I promise to reply Your message later. Everything will be alright, I miss You a lot. :*

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  1. Wow, your friend has her own shop O: I think I remember this, oops! I like that black bag especially and the scarf is 100% perfect. Aw that's cute you are excited for winter! I am a little but mostly I'm afraid >.< The snow here gets so bad last year we got stuck inside @__@ Blizzards!
    I hope you have a good time this weekend and that M stays with you the longest <3 I want you to be happy.
    I have bad news ): Because I'm not black or mexican I didn't get the job >.> They LITERALLY told me I was more qualified than 2 other people but because of the "racial quotas" required by business' now they HAVE to hire these people :\ It made me really upset because I really need the money ): But I can't give up.. Just have to keep fighting..

  2. yes, she has ^^ its very nice shop with tons of lovely stuff :) I love that scarf too, thanks.
    I want winter a little bit xD but I`m afraid of it too >_<'
    WHAT?! that sucks :( I`m sorry about it Dear, but don't give up, You`ll find another job, if they didn't apprecite You they were stupid cause You're perfect girl and You`ll do Your best!!:3