wtorek, 12 października 2010

New caps

Today, after school we were drinking Tymbark again and here are our new caps, I mean mine and Justyna's. Mine are: ``To be continued`` and ``Mój Ty Tygrrrrrrrrysie mrrrrr...`` (which means 'my tiger mrrrrr') and it was schocking to me cause my good friend R always call me ``little tiger``. ^^ almost everyday. Tymbark always say true! so here's random picture and bye bye, I`m going to learn now!
Unused chances hurt more than mistakes.
to world You can mean nothing... to someone You can mean whole world!
anyway, any plans for today?? mine are:
1. learning history (7 lessons!!!)
2. learning science
3. learning geography
4. learning polish
5. meeting friends!!! yes! :D
I hope it will work out. wish me luck, hmm :)
picture made at school during very boring lesson hehe:

2 komentarze:

  1. I don't have much plan today, it's another very surprising rest day!
    Tomorrow, I get my hair done and another job interview D: I hope it goes well..
    These drinks are pretty cool, I wonder what they taste like? XD
    I wrote a blog post that I wanted you to see cause something there for you, too >.< Idk if you got the message on pupe.

  2. wow! what are You going to change in Your hair?? tell me ^^ color or whole hairstyle? :) wanna know! I need to change mine too >_<'
    hmm there are many flavors of these drinks XD I`ll write about it post oneday, for You! :*
    yes, I commented Your entry :)