czwartek, 11 listopada 2010


I`m sorry last days I wasn't active here! but its because I don't have my laptop >_< I only use my second computer and here I can't keep my pics and such. Sorry! I`ll try to write something new soon, so many new things happened :)
and my bday was great, I did party and home and spent it with friends :) nothing else to say! I`m lucky that it was spent with them! I love You guys!
hmm, now I have long weekend! break from school! it makes me so happy! I've got lots of plans. Yesterday my friends came to me! nowadays I`m meeting with them all the time!
all I can show You today are some fashion sets. That's all I keep on this pc. of course they are made by me.
First set is one of my fav! I just love such colors! I wish to have these converse and shirt!! and of course bag.
I love shoes and the bag! and I like black the most. Black is my favourite color as for now. My friends ask me why I wear black clothes all the time haha. I think I need to wear more colorful things >_<' I was wearing black because of my bad mood.
and finally!!! something more colorful. Pink looks so lovely here. My favourite thing from this set is shoes. I love them and the pattern <3 I wish to have them so much!
Have a nice weekend and I promise to write long entry soon. I can't write anything more as for now >_< take care!

4 komentarze:

  1. swietne zestawy :* kocham tą torebkę<3333

  2. There's so many nice fashion items out there I wish to have XD oh to be rich! Huhu <3 I need to get to New York and be successful haha XD I like this first set the most I think~ The boots are really cute with that pattern, usually I'm not a huge fan of those boots but the pattern makes it worth it x3

  3. P.S - Don't forget to change your age in the sidebar here!

  4. cuuks - dzieki :) tzn którą? :D bo jest kilka.

    kotokochi - yes, I wish to have them too and to be rich as well x3 I`m fan of those shoes, so we're different :D
    sure, I won't forget hehe ;D